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The female betta bosses the tank
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The female betta

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Monday, 28-Feb-2005 00:00
Mini Aquatic Project: Planted Community Tank
Saw an unused plastic tank at my parents house and decided a nifty mini community tank could be in the making! The tank has a hole on the left as big as a 20 cent coin but i manage to patch it with some silicone, 2 cut up cheapo plastic cover on both side of the hole and a bit of duck tape (on the outside only of course). :-D

Inhabitants of the tank include a beautiful female betta, 2 male guppy, 1 female guppy, 1 dwarf gourami and 2 albino cory.. 2 clumps of java fern and a ceramic pot provides cover from overly aggressive fish. :P

Approximate cost for the project is around RM70(< USD20).. not that i spent the whole 70 in a day..
50% new stuff, 50% recycled items like tank and filter.. 8-)

What do you guys think? :->

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